3 Methods To Get Rid Of Scratches On Glass

If you have one too many glasses, picture frames or table tops marred with scratches due to your pets or kids overzealous natures or someone being a tad less careful than they should be when handling things on them, then here are some solutions for getting rid of scratches that are not too deep from things that you hold dear and are made of glass.

  • Metal polish method

Metal polish can be used to repair scratched glasses by rubbing it onto the area. Firstly the area around the scratches must be cleaned and dried properly. Make sure to use those eyeglass cleaning soft clothes to clean the scratched areas as rough materials will only induce more scratches. After giving a thorough clean out to the scratched areas, then use another extra soft cloth and put a bit of metal polish onto it and rub gently on the scratches one by one. If the scratch is not too deep to be unmarred, it will become much less significant with the rubbing. Take care not to be too rough with the metal polish rubbing and do not apply it excessively.

  • Clear nail polish

If you want to cover up the scratched areas, you can always try using clear nail polish or glass scratch removers you find in the supermarket. You have to clean the scratch spotted area with window cleaner and then use a eyeglass cleaning soft cloth to wipe off the area afterwards. Then apply the clear nail polish carefully on the scratches to cover the scratches only. Depending on how deep the scratches are you will have to weigh the amount of nail polish you should be applying. You can try this with scratches on your car and avoid paying for windscreen repair at Frankston for fast and affordable solution.

  • Trying homemade scratch removers

There are a plethora of recipes for making your own scratch remover. While these may take time, they have much more significant results on somewhat deep scratches. Usually these recipes include water, toothpaste, baking soda or a similar compound and it is to be rubbed onto the scratched areas with a damp cloth. Usually doing this process repeatedly has good results. If you feel like these methods do not work then you should go for professional help for glass, tabletop or windscreen replacement at ringwood contact our team of expert staff.

Another method that is to try to cover up a scratch is to paint something over it or put a sticker on top of it of the same coloring or design if you are able to. This method would be best for items that are like cups, painted glassware and other things that can withstand having a design makeover. 

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